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View peaceful cherry blossoms and the excitement of Sumo. Take in the views from Tokyo Tower or Mt. Fuji. Japan is a land of beautiful contrasts and we'd love for you to come on this last Virtual Vacation with us.

Virtual Tours

Mt Fuji

Mount Fuji

You can climb majestic and iconic Mt. Fuji from the comfort of your own home. With Fujisan Watcher's live feed, you can see just about every side of Mt. Fuji. 


Shukkeien Garden

Japan is known for its beautiful, peaceful gardens. The impeccably curated grounds of the Shukkeien Gardens are a fantastic example of this time-honored art form.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

See Tokyo in a whole new way from the top of Tokyo Tower. Get a 360-degree view of Japan's most vibrant city.


Maki-do Caves

Step into the Maki-do Caves and see a world unlike any other. This 450-meter long cave system and the underground lake are beautifully illuminated. Tour this one-of-a-kind subterrainian wonder.

National Museum

National Museum of Nature & Science

Visit the stunning collection at Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science.  See the giant squid, aircraft, machines and so much more in these hallowed halls. 



No visit to Japan is complete without attending an exciting Sumo match. Visit this awesome site from Kids Web Japan to experience the excitement and learn the history of this Japanese sport.

A Taste of Japan



Perfect for a hot summer day, homemade sushi is delicious and shockingly easy, even for a novice! Grab a bamboo mat and get ready to roll out your own set of this Japanese delicacy. 


Pressure Cooker Chintan Shoyu Ramen Recipe

We can't pretend this ramen recipe from Serious Eats is easy or fast, but it is absolutely worth it. Luckily, your pressure cooker will immensely speed up the cooking time, leaving you with a rich, layered broth in a fraction of the time.



If you are not familiar with Mochi, a Japanese ice cream dessert, you are in for a real treat! Delicious ice cream wrapped in Sofer than soft Mochi (Japanese rice cake) makes an impressive dessert to share with friends and family. Best part? This recipe makes something that looks like it took hours easy and fast.


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We hope you enjoyed visiting Japan!

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