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Travel to the end of the Earth and visit the white continent in comfort with a virtual expedition to Antarctica. Discover the history of its exploration, current scientific research, awe-inspiring landscape, and captivating wildlife.

Virtual Tours

Antarctica - Discovering Anarctica

Discovering Antarctica

Discover the fascinating wonder of the coldest and windiest place on earth with videos, images, activities, text, and more with this virtual field trip.

Antarctica - AirPano - Anartica

AirPano - Antarctica

Take these unique 360° tours to see unique landscapes, icebergs, glaciers, and wildlife including penguins, sea lions, seals. After viewing the first 360° video tour, be sure to scroll down the page as there are several more.

Antarctica - Exploring the 7th Continent

Antarctica - Exploring the 7th Continent

Experience the sights and sounds of penguin colonies, leopard seals, snow petrels,  and the beauty of Antarctica with this playlist of brief 360° videos.

Antarctica -Australian Antarctic Program Webcams & Timelapse Videos

Australian Antarctic Program

See what is happening in real-time at the Australian Antarctic Division permanent stations at Mawson, Casey, Davis, and Macquarie Island with these webcams as well as timelapse video of the building of the Nuyina icebreaker and a krill cam.

Antarctica - Shackleton100


Although he never reached the South Pole, Sir Ernest Shackleton is best known for his determination and courage in the rescue of his crew after their ship, the Endurance, became stuck in an ice floe. Visit Ross Island, Half Moon Island, the South Pole, and more with these tours.

Antarctica - British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey

Learn about the mission of the British Antarctic Survey with a variety of virtual tours including the Falkland Islands, Port Lockroy, several research stations, and a tour of the RSS James Clark Ross. You can see even more by also visiting the Webcam page here.

Antarctica Staples

Sledging Biscuits

Because Antarctica has no native inhabitants, there are no traditional Antarctic foods. However, sledging biscuits have been a dietary staple of the Antarctic explorers and researchers for generations. This simple recipe for Sledging Biscuits from Cool Antarctica explains their importance and provides additional learning activities.

Antarctica - Sledging Biscuits Recipe
Antarctica - Bannocks


Another simple bread, essential to the survival of the Shackleton Endurance expedition, is made from flour, salt, water, and fat, and then fried or cooked over a fire. Another easy recipe from Cool Antarctica explains how Bannocks are made.

Sally Ayotte's South Pole Chocolate Chip Cookies

The story goes that in the summertime, 40 dozen of these famous chocolate chip cookies created by the food service supervisor at the National Science Foundation’s South Pole station, Sally Ayotte, are baked each day. Try her recipe posted on the Food.com site and see if you love them too.

Antarctica - Sally Ayottes South Pole Chocolate Chip Cookies


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